Teaching Courses and Programs

Do you need help with developing a curriculum program or just courses? Dr LaWanna Lease Blount, vice president of the International College of Interdisciplinary Sciences does consultancy work in Curriculum Design and Evaluation. She knows your educational needs. She is capable of helping you you with a little or all of your teaching needs. Reasonable rates. First 30 minutes free of charge.
Contact Dr Blount at 1-662-426-0850 – email address: llblount3@gmail.com

Dr. LaWanna L. Blount has been designing and developing courses and programs in higher education for the past 30 years. Her courses and programs are acceptable to by national and international accrediting agencies. Prof. Blount has a PhD in higher education and minor in sociology.  In addition to the education courses  she is also the Director of courses  from the Association of the Alma Mater Europea.


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