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alma-mater-europaeaDear Professors LaWanna Blount and  Carl Edwin Lindgren:

AME Belgrade is grateful for your desire and readiness to cooperate. Becoming a part of the Alma Mater Europaea and the European International University, Austria (Salzburg),  which has its study  centers in different cities of Europe, under the auspices of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (which has more than 1,500 members including 29 Nobel laureates), we took both a great privilege and responsibility to contribute to the education and the promotion of tolerance. We are at the beginning, with the firm conviction that our center will grow into a university that will bring together young people who want to make a difference – widely educated, and capable to accept all the differences among people as the greatest asset. We are sure that our mutual wish is cooperation and understanding – a wish to trust each other and to create new values together. We are open for all your suggestions and ideas. We rely on you. Please visit us at Serbian Alma Mater Europaea.

Best regards,


Vesna Baltezarevic, PhD in Law
President Alma Mater Europaea of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade
+381 63 417 441

Memorandum with the Faculty of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship

Memorandum with the Faculty of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship Belgrade SerbiaThe International College of Interdisciplinary Sciences has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Faculty of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship in Belgrade, Serbia. The Memorandum sets out the basis for mutual cooperation particularly in the areas of Entrepreneurship in Education, Transpersonal Studies and Trans-disciplinary Sciences. The schools will exchange professors and students for the purpose of research, publications, teaching and instruction. Joint research and teaching activities will be developed. Also, joint participation in course development and delivery, as deemed acceptable by the London College of Teachers, will be utilized. In the future, and with the consent of the College of Teachers, a joint accredited MA and PhD program will be developed for students at Levels 7 and 8 in the field of Education and Teaching of various Interdisciplinary studies. Finally, the schools have agreed to organize joint MOOCs, conferences, seminars and workshops utilizing Webinar technology and onsite activities. This is similar to the course program hosted at the World Academy of Art and Science – http://www.worldacademy.org/courses/course-2/toward-trans-disciplinary-science-society


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