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Certificate Program in Genealogy

The aim of the certificate program is to provide an introductory level of competence in fields of genealogy, heraldry, documentary sciences, pedagogic studies and scientific research and educational methodology. The Accredited Post-Graduate Diploma of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences, a professional and academic diploma in genealogical, family history and heraldic studies, is designed through its structures and processes to develop a higher level of skills, knowledge and attitudes among the participants in the areas of genealogical and heraldic studies as well as the fields of history, anthropology, archeology, sociology, education, research theory, teaching, ethics writing, and legalities of the varied professions.
Many societies, associations and schools in the U.S. offer technical or mechanically inclined courses in genealogy. However, as excellent as these may be, a void exists in the educational and scientific knowledge, as there is no nexus or connection between the aforementioned disciplines in scientific knowledge and writing.

Thus, a student, regardless of how versed he/she is in the technical skills of genealogy, is like a traveler in the South Pacific without a map or compass. The American School/College of Genealogy, offers courses that are individually tailored to a student’s adult professional goals. The scientific and scholarly genealogical course program is consistent with the model of adult learning theory practices and processes. The College’s postgraduate program consists of 10 advanced 16 week per course units. The accredited courses are located at: www.americanschoolofgenealogyheraldryanddocumentarystudies.com

Instructors:  Sergei, Carl Lindgren
November 19, 2015

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