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What is the Future of the American Family 

 This will be mainly a self-instructional module, with tutor assistance. Participants will  study the  changing American Family and  select the European Country to compare its family in a social history contact.  Students will read Andrew Cherlin’s  books ” The Marriage Go-Round,  “The Changing American Family  and Families, Public and Private and The Changing American Family  and their selections of  readings about the selected  country at the evolving structure of the family.  Their research and reading will  conclude with a 25 page comparative analysis research paper. Students will develop a  framework in which to work on their  research. Author and instructor Dr LaWanna Lease Blount) 

What is happening to the  American family today? Read the research by social researcher   Andrew Cherlin. The family in America is different from other  wealthy nations of the western world. What is is the cultural answer,  In this course participants will read about the trends of the American family and identify what is happening in  the American Family  in .  ” The Marriage go-around and  ” Labor’s  Love Lost,” ,  and “Public and PrivateFamilies in America today” . Participants will have the opportunity to design part of their course syllabus and participate in collecting data for a research project.  to begin their  thesis work.  (Dr. LaWanna Lease Blount author and instructor)

Required Coursework

Quantitative and Qualitative Methodology for Research in Education

This course is designed to develop research skills of the student to carry out research for a Master’s degree  thesis . Students will learn about different types of research, how to define the problem,   study types of methodologies , parts of a research project, how to design the data collection methods as questionnaires and interviews.   and utilizing data that exists for qualitative research. And   finally writing up the research report width tables and figures associating them to the text,   and drawing conclusions and making recommendations for further research.

Qualitative Research Using Grounded Theory

Grounded Theory is Theory produced directly from the Data. Grounded Theory is spreading rapidly in popularity in the world today. , especially for students developing Master’s and doctoral work. Students will learn how to do Grounded theory and develop skils in this methodology. Discovered by Strauss and   Glaser in the 1960’s , today grounded or emergent theory is rapidly taking its place among students doing theses and dissertation. Essentially it is a methodology developing theory directly from the data collected. With memoing and coding the researching finds the primary varialbled and   develops his theory.   This course will be a discussion and lectures by students who have created a grounded theory and will discuss their problems and issues associated with the building of Grounded Theory. (Dr. Lawanna Lease Blount)


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