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President Emerius & Provost Address

carlAs our faculty and staff of the International College of Interdisciplinary Sciences moves forward into a new era of researching the natural and social sciences, it is my pleasure to share with you our long-term vision for the current decade and to look forward to potential goals and events over the next 30 years. Also I will discuss insight into the challenges needed to implement these visions and mission statements relating to our unique programs in Scientific Photographic Studies, Future Studies, Genealogy, Gerontology and Women Studies.

The vision and mission of this new school is to facilitate the evolution of Interdisciplinary and Trans-disciplinary courses into the scientific mainstream of higher education. The goal is to make available insight into the role of interconnectivity in varied disciplines during the 21st century and form co-operative schemes with other societies, colleges and universities to provide a way in which students of our College can connect with MOOCs, research opportunities, international faculty, and class webinars and social media.

The Advanced Photography curriculum provided a postgraduate program relating to the role of photographic studies in anthropology, biology, sociology, cultural studies, microbiology, medicine, history and other hard and soft sciences. The program is for the professional and amateur photographer who is well grounded in the artistic and scientific study of photography, yet wants to take an advanced program in the interconnectivity of this scientific art with other systematic knowledge studies. The lessons (10 courses, each of which are 16 weeks in duration) are designed and taught by scientists, academicians, master photographers and social scientists to meet the needs of photographers in the 21st century.

The Future Studies program was inspired by work currently being done by the World Academy of Art and Science and the World Future Society. The program at the International College of Interdisciplinary Sciences (ICIS) is concerned with providing the student (researcher, scientist, futurist or scholar) with information relating to social, environmental, medical and educational growth in the 21st century and how potential discoveries and scientific developments in these areas will prove beneficial to mankind.

We are, as noted, also moving toward creating a scientific knowledge based approach to the study of Genealogy, Heraldry and Family History that is aligned with on-going research and development woven in the related fabric of the disciplines of history sociology, archaeology, genetics, microbiology and documentary sciences. We are not a mere technical school, but rather an advanced academic facility teaching and researching the aforementioned disciplines from an educational standpoint. We previously possessed accreditation in this program from the London College of Teachers, located at the Institute of Education (London University).

Some World Academy of Art and Science members

Some World Academy of Art and Science members

Each of our program components contain an in-depth educational module. Therefore each of the postgraduate courses is appropriate for teachers, educators, educationists, metagogists and pedagogists. Finally, all students are expected to take coursework in research methodology, building quantitative and qualitative data, research planning, thesis development, and peer review design.

We welcome new students into our various professional programs.

Prof. Carl Edwin Lindgren, DEd, FRSA, FCollT
President, International College
Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science; Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts; and European Academy of Sciences and Arts


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