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The aim of this course is to introduce students to the “ modus operandi ‘’ of the media and its influence on society. In this area many dilemmas are   still open . One of them is certainly whether the media is merely  an instrument in the hands of the ruling lite that uses global manipulative methods to keep citizens in obedience, or is it  just  a modern myth?   The media with an insufficient educated public often  unquestioningly accepts the media messages, without deeper  analysis and the search for the true essence of which is cleverly hidden in a media message.

Modern man has become a media addict and there is almost no man who some how is not exposed to the influence of the media. The integral role of the media in the process of creation, and maintenance  of a democratic state  is  realized   precisely through  freedom of expression  and freedom of the media.  These are circumstances that indicate the need to approach education and creating  experts of   the Media . These Contemporary media authors define media literacy as the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and send messages through the media .

Instructor: Dr. Radeslav  Baltezarevic  


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