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  • Thrilled

    Dr. Blount  I  want you to know that I am THRILLED  with the content of this program  and  what I have ALREADY LEARNED IN JUST A COUPLE OF MONTHS.

    Wendy Spooner

    Wendy Spooner,
  • World Innovation Foundation

    Carl is a man of outstanding integrity and human values. Indeed there are not many like Carl who is a ‘special’ individual and if the world were full of such humanitarian thinking people, it would certainly be a far more peaceful and sustainable world order. I wish him well in all his endeavours and personally heartened by this significant postgraduate accreditation.

    David Hill, PhD,  Chief Executive

    World Innovation Foundation

    David Hill Phd.,
  • Distance learning

    Clearly, distance learning is one of the only ways to bring expertise from so far a distance as the UK. However, while the delivery of the courses is important, of more importance is who is delivering the courses and the structure of the curriculum and syllabus.

    I have found the delivery of the courses to be most satisfactory, especially for those at the graduate level of education. Further, the professorial staff are experts in their own right from both an academic and practitioner’s perspective.

    The school has been responsive and most helpful in structuring a degree plan based upon my particular interest in Heraldry and its application to genealogy. As a Ph.D., I do of course; look at institutions with a more critical eye than the average student.

    While the school meets the desire to gain additional knowledge of genealogy and heraldry, it also prepares one to pursue a career in those disciplines, and if one is so inclined, the school also prepares one to teach it also.

    The value, both financially and academically is without compare, and I see a bright future for the school as it brings formal competent instruction to the United States.”


    Robert B. Fong, Sr., Ph.D.

    Robert B. Fong, Sr., Ph.D.,
  • My Family

    My interest in the American School of Genealogy post-graduate program is that unlike other genealogy study programs, your program offers an academic component to it. As an academician and behavioral scientist, this is important to me. Overall  my personal goals are to become an academically qualified genealogist and to make a scholarly contribution  to the field of genealogy.

    Dr. Kar, Genealogist at My Family

    Dr. Kar,
  • UK review

    Taking online classes from “across the pond” as it is known when referring to The United Kingdom (UK), has been a positive experience for me. I was a little intimidated at first because I have never taken an online course before and really didn’t know what to expect but Professor John Tunesi (Introduction to Heraldry) and his wife Jane (Family History) has made my experience enjoyable.

    I would definitely recommend everyone to take Module 2 and 3 together if possible to get the most out of learning about not only the courses but about the Tunesi’s. The American School of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences has given me a chance to be able to take courses on my own time and be able to afford to take each module individually or concurrent with another module without this chance I would not be able to go back to school because of today’s economy.


    Sandra, UK

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